The Classes

Custom made programs to achieve your goals, from the amateur to the expert golfer.


The workshops cater for groups of 6 persons minimum.

The 5 days 1 hour classes will cover : 

  • Mobility evaluation

  • Balance - Stability

  • Alignment

  • Breathing

  • Increase of range of motion

  • Back and core strength

  • Relaxation

  • Visualization

 Coaching via Zoom

Through live, Zoom sessions, Béatrice will coach you through your personalized YFG Mental and Fitness Training Program.

Private Class 

The private class will enable you to receive a program tailored to your needs. In addition to the physical work you will learn how to manage stress and tension on the course, to maximize your pre-shot routine, to address all the shots with confidence and play with more excitement and relaxation.

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