The Classes

Custom made programs to achieve your goals, from the amateur to the expert golfer.


The workshops cater for groups of 6 persons minimum.

The 5 days 1 hour classes will cover : 

  • Mobility evaluation

  • Balance - Stability

  • Alignment

  • Breathing

  • Increase of range of motion

  • Back and core strength

  • Relaxation

  • Visualization

 Coaching via Skype

Through live, Skype sessions, Béatrice will coach you through your YFG Mental and Fitness Training Program.

Private Class 

The private class will enable you to receive a program tailored to your needs. In addition to the physical work you will learn how to manage stress and tension on the course, to maximize your pre-shot routine, to address all the shots with confidence and play with more excitement and relaxation.

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